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Your Billing Rights and Responsibilities


Your phone company is committed to following the rules set by the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) in its delivery of service, billing and guidelines for payment. Copies of these rules are available from the ICC.

Establishing Service

To begin service, contact us at 1-888-574-4454 or 815-882-2201.  Please be prepared to provide the following information:

*  Your full name and the street address where you want service, including apartment number if needed.

*  How or if you would like your name listed in the next edition of the telephone directory.

*  Credit information including employment or source of income.

*  Identification - Driver’s License or a State ID.

New basic local exchange service must be installed within 5 business days unless otherwise requested by the customer.  If this standard is not met, the customer will be given a credit equal to ½ the normal installation charge.  If this standard is not met by the 10th business day following the original installation date, the customer will be given credit equal to 100% of the normal installation charge.

Credit and Deposit Information

We have the right to charge a deposit for any of the following 

*  You cannot provide satisfactory credit information.

*  Failed to pay a prior bill with us.

*  Have not previously had service in your name.

*  If you have had service with any telephone company for at least 12 months and can verify a satisfactory payment record, no deposit will be required.


Telephone bills are postmarked by the 1st of each month and are due within 21 days from the billing date.  Your bill will itemize your monthly charges.

Service Interruption Credit

If basic local exchange service has been interrupted and remains out for more than 24 hours after receiving notice we will make an appropriate adjustment.  Adjustments are based on the number of days customer is out of basic local exchange service:

28-48 hours

1/30 of local service bill

48-72 hours

1/3 of local service bill

72-96 hours

2/3 of local service bill

96-120 hours

100% of local service bill

120 hours or more

$20 per day or alternative phone service,

at customers’ option

*Includes custom calling features, but excluding federal subscriber line charge, 911 service, directory, and long distance charges.

Bill Payment

If within a 12-month period we receive more that two payments from you in the form of non-sufficient funds checks, we may place you on a cash-only basis.

Termination of Service

We have the right to terminate service for any of the following:

*  Nonpayment of a bill

*  Nonpayment of a deposit or refusal to pay increased amount

*  Default on a deferred payment agreement

*  Not allowing telephone company employees access to company owned equipment after we have made a request to do so.

*We will mail a “Final Notice” before service will be disconnected.


All of the rules and credits listed in this section, do NOT apply if the violation of a service quality standard occurs as a result of:

Negligent or willful act of customer

A malfunction of customer owned telephone equipment of inside wire, regardless if customer has inside wire maintenance plan

An emergency situation

The inability to gain access to customers premise due to customer missing the appointment

A customer requested change in the scheduled appointment

The customer refusing access to the premises

The lack of facilities at a geographically remote location


Dispute Resolution

If you have a question about your bill, please contact us.  If a solution is not satisfactory, you have the right to contact the ICC’s Consumer Services Division.

Formal Complaints

If we are unable to reach an agreement with you on a disputed issue, you have the right to file a complaint with the ICC.

Scheduled Appointments

If scheduled appointments for installation and repair of basic local service are not met, a $50 credit per missed appointment will be issued.  It does not apply if the telephone company gives the customer ICC defined notice of their inability to keep the appointment, regardless of reason. Additionally should the service technicians meet a scheduled appointment but the customer is not available or unwilling to accept service, a $50 service charge will apply.  This charge does not apply if the customer gives the telephone company 24-hour notice of their inability to keep the appointment.

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